Malaysia States

Peninsular Malaysia became independent from UK in 1957 under the name of “Federation of Malaya”; Singapore and Sabah / Sarawak (Borneo) joined in 1963 to form “Malaysia”; Singapore became independent in 1965

PEA and Sustainable Development

Towards Orang-Asli:
• Financing the construction of a new chalet near Lata Kijang as Homestay for Visitors (see dedicated page below)
• Commitment to use Orang Asli as jungle guides as much as possible and compensate them in a respectable manner

Towards Countryside Population:
• Proposing destinations such as Historical Perak, Historical Negeri Sembilan, Tanjung Karang,Morib & Southern Selangor,Sungai Lembing / Rainbow Waterfall / Gua Charas (Pahang) described below. They are not proposed by major travel agents, but really deserve better. The small money spent there allows population to live and stay in their home town

Towards Indigenous in Sabah:
• Promoting FOC remote destinations and helping to reach them. In particular, we want to highlight the village of LONG PASIA, near the border of Sabah with Sarawak and Indonesia. Villagers (from Lundayeh tribe, ex-head hunters) have developed a program of Homestay and their hospitality is great. Visit the website

For information related to Responsible Tourism in Malaysia, visit the website

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About Pro Eco Adventure

Pro Eco Adventure's primary objective is to promote and facilitate fun-filled and memorable holidays in Malaysia. Pro Eco Adventure organise tours not only to the main spots as indicated in the international guide-books, but also to other places which are “truly Malaysia”, whether they are eco-tourism, historical / cultural or jungle discovery-oriented.

Pro Eco Adventure has formulated various standard packages which are described below; each visitor can combine several of them according his own preferences. Of course, special requests are also studied: there is always a plan that will guarantee satisfaction.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to:

  • Promoting Malaysia, her cultures, traditions and heritage to visitors - the true hospitality that has made our country popular as a tourist destination in Asia.
  • Promoting and facilitating the discovery of Malaysian's nature and its inhabitants, including aborigine villages.
  • Promoting global conservation awareness and striving to preserve our environment.
  • Ensuring that our visitors get genuine value-for-money during their excursions throughout Malaysia.
  • Providing professional, natural and historical information of true Malaysian ecological resources.
  • Providing courteous, well-informed and trained staffs to make our visitors stay comfortable, memorable & safe.
  • Ensuring safety professionals services at all times for visitors/trekkers.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us