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• Lata Kijang Orang Asli Homestay + Taman Negara Pahang + Cameron Highlands
• Cameron Highlands + Historical Perak + Penang
• Tanjung Karang / Kuala Selangor + Cameron Highlands + Penang
• Melaka + Historical Negeri Sembilan + Lata Kijang Orang Asli Homestay

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Taman Rimba Kenong (Pahang)

A 3D/2N trip to a Reserve Forest at the South-West of Taman Negara. Gigantic trees. Suitable for Nature Lovers.


Located near Kuala Lipis in the state of Pahang, Taman Rimba Kenong is a well preserved lowland forest. It shares the same border with Taman Negara. This scenic valley is traversed by ripping mountains. It is home to the aborigines of the Batek tribe. In abundance are gigantic trees. It is a haven for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

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