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Examples of itineraries selected by PEA Clients having only few days available

• Lata Kijang Orang Asli Homestay + Taman Negara Pahang + Cameron Highlands
• Cameron Highlands + Historical Perak + Penang
• Tanjung Karang / Kuala Selangor + Cameron Highlands + Penang
• Melaka + Historical Negeri Sembilan + Lata Kijang Orang Asli Homestay

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Sungai Lembing / Rainbow Waterfall / Gua Charas (Pahang)

A 3D/2N quiet trip to remote historical places near Kuantan, the main town on the East Coast, 250 km from KL. Perfectly unknown places, which deserve a visit.


  • Sungai Lembing
    A small historical town located in the highlands, about 50 km from Kuantan. Its museum will tell you the glory days of this rich mining town, from 1906 until its closure in 1986. Sungai Lembing is also known as the ‘El Dorado’ of Malaysia.
  • Rainbow Waterfall
    A very tall waterfall from a strange limestone rock which lies on a flat jungle. As the name suggests, a beautiful enchanting rainbow formed which can only be seen on a sunny morning. Will you be the first one to find treasures hidden at its feet?
  • Gua Charas
    A surprising 150 m high limestone rock with huge caves. Be quiet, as the longest cave is the bedroom of a sleeping Buddha, it is 30 m long.


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