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Examples of itineraries selected by PEA Clients having only few days available

• Lata Kijang Orang Asli Homestay + Taman Negara Pahang + Cameron Highlands
• Cameron Highlands + Historical Perak + Penang
• Tanjung Karang / Kuala Selangor + Cameron Highlands + Penang
• Melaka + Historical Negeri Sembilan + Lata Kijang Orang Asli Homestay

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Morib & Southern Selangor

Peaceful and relaxing day trip to the Southern end of the State of Selangor, 100 km South of Kuala-Lumpur. Advisable for families with children.


  • Visit a small Tea Plantation.
  • Stay at Morib beach. Walk in the mangroves.
  • Visit a well preserved Malay village.

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