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Examples of itineraries selected by PEA Clients having only few days available

• Lata Kijang Orang Asli Homestay + Taman Negara Pahang + Cameron Highlands
• Cameron Highlands + Historical Perak + Penang
• Tanjung Karang / Kuala Selangor + Cameron Highlands + Penang
• Melaka + Historical Negeri Sembilan + Lata Kijang Orang Asli Homestay


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Gombak Forest Reserve (Selangor)

A half day trip (4/5 hours), convenient for people who have no time to go to the National Parks, but who want to experience the rain forest


  • Trekking in one of the last really wild areas in the vicinity of Kuala-Lumpur.
  • Walk in a still preserved rainforest, with marvelous trees, liana and seasonal flowers.
  • Foot-prints of wildlife (dears, tapirs and wild boars)
  • You will feel like Indiana Jones!

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